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Motion is everywhere in our physical world, it helps us to be able to follow processes in different situations and is a very important addition to every digital product for UX/UI. We offer our help in interactive animations, decorative background animations, animated infographics, logo animations, banner animations, specialFX, character animation, video animations across several technologies and fields.
We offer FE/BE Development for modern websites and apps, build with the latest technology, frameworks and libs using JS, SCSS, PHP and HTML5. As CMS our option is most of the time WordPress. With 20 years of experience in this field and considering an optimal price/performance ratio we are able to find a solution that fits best to our clients needs.
We believe in the philosophy of user-centered design which means that design starts in understanding the user's needs. We work in close cooperation with our clients to be able to create the best possible design in terms of User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) and Information Architecture (IA), but also Motion Design or Interaction Design (IxD).
We offer creative concepts, strategic concepts or enhancing your existing business strategy, based on our findings and insights. We also do analyse your brand/product and can help out to create a content strategy around it, including image-language, headlines and messages.

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Who is SiDsBiZ?

As Founder and Digital Ninja since the 1990s, Stefan Thume is a 40 year old senior, born and located in Vienna, Austria. He is an open minded, enthusiastic perfectionist who is always interested in new exciting ideas and projects.

SiDsBiZ Indonesia?

Yes. A good part of the year, SiDsBiZ is located in Lombok, Indonesia. There is a fully equiped office, which makes a seamless transition of work-flow possible. This place keeps his creativity flowing and his motivation high.