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My name is Stefan, and I am a Vienna based digital Ninja.

I do Motion Graphics, Web Design, Programming and more. If you want to contact me you can

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A good concept always has to begin in gathering the best ideas in order to achieve the goals and needs of your web/app. We offer creative concepts, strategic concepts or enhancing your existing concept based on our experience and know how.

CC Creative Concept

Whether a campaign concept or a banner concept, based on our findings and insights we brainstorm the concept, take time for an individual idea generation phase, go on with the idea selection, back check them in terms of feasibility and visualize them.

We will try our best to make sure your idea captures your audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action.

CS Content Strategy

After analysing your Brand/Product we offer to create a content strategy around it, based on your target audience we can select the image-language, and recommend headlines and messages. We organize your content or message and work out the right strategy for your Product.

Often this also includes a Social Media Strategy to be present in every relevant channel to be able to reach the maximum target audience.


We believe in the philosophy of user-centered design (UCD) which means that design starts in understanding the user's needs. We work in close cooperation with our clients to be able to create the best possible design in terms of User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) and Information Architecture (IA). To ensure a smooth user journey we additionally consider Motion Design or Interaction Design (IxD).

UX User Experience Design

With creating wireframes and prototypes, UX design focuses on making the product easy to use and providing users with the best experience possible.

We will work hard to ensure your website or app is a positive easy-to-use experience, to make users more likely come back and tell their friends how great your app is.

UI User Interface Design

UI focuses on the elements that users can use in your website or mobile app. We stylize and visually enhance wireframes from the UX process.

All your key components like buttons, menus, sliderbars, etc. should enable the user to accomplish tasks on your website or app in a natural, logical way.

IxD Interaction Design

IxD focuses on the interaction between the user and the product. We consider how a product behaves when a user interacts with it.

Designing navigation components from a stylistic and functionality standpoint or display workflows is important to build a bridge between UI and UX.

IA Information Architecture

IA involves the way a website is structured and how the content is organized. We create blueprints for a website or app by categorizing everything that needs to go into it.

We use flowcharts and diagrams to structure content in a way that will make it accessible to users and easy to navigate. Also we try to loosen up content to make it easy to consume.


Motion is everywhere in our physical world, it helps us to be able to follow processes in different situations and is a very important addition to every digital product for UX/UI. Animation is also something that let us feel things in a better way. Well, animation can also just be there for entertainment when it comes to animated motion picture.

UIA/IxD Interaction Design

User Interface Animations and Interaction Design is a very powerful addition to your App/Web. We usually recommend smart, not overloaded usage of animations in the user interaction process and think this is the key to make your user feel comfort using your App/Web. It defently helps the user accomplish their needs.

This should be already considered in an early state like the UX/UI Design Phase of your project. Look what we have to say about Design here:

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2D Animations

Decorative background animations, animated infographics, logo animations, banner animations, specialFX, character animation, to name a few, are all fields where we can offer our help.

This types of animations are often very specific and need in almost every case a unique concept and treatment. In comparsion to this are generic animations which are mainly programed and need more Math than conceptual work.

3D Animation

Everything mentioned in 2D Animations can also be done in one dimension more and beyond. We don't do Hollywood-like, high polished 3D animations, this is not one of our main-fields, but we like to offer 3D animation as and option when it comes to WebGL-Apps or Games or even VR. When it's used specifically it can has a hudge additional value to your Web, Video or App.


We offer Websites, Apps and more where we keep our Code always modern and clean with the latest technology, frameworks and libs. With 20 years of experience in this field and considering an optimal price/performance ratio we are able to find a solution that fits best to our clients needs.

Web Development

We specialized in Frontend Development using JS, CSS and HTML5. As CMS our option is Wordpress most of the time to be able to make customised solutions. Very low budget projects often get by DIY solutions like Weebly or Jimdo which are also customizeable to a certain degree. For more advanced CMS solutions we can work together with selected partners whom we trust in.

App Development

You need a Mobile App for Android and iOS or even better a browser based Web-App which works Mobile as well? We have several approaches to get a solution to your needs here. When you looking for the native way the tool of our choice is Unity and C-Sharp. For Web-App solutions we like to use VueJS, React or Angular as a framework. This ensures a modular, scalable and fast way to build your Web-App.

about me.

I'm Stefan Thume, a 39 year old digital senior, born and located in Vienna, Austria. I'm an open minded, enthusiastic perfectionist who is always interested in new exciting ideas and projects. My clients say im easy to cooperate with, patient and reliable which I am proud of.

I've done the Master of Science in the field of Multimedia and have 20 years of experience in the digital word. I've been working for big companies, small startups or digital agencies in several fields like Concept, Design, Animation and Development.

I love traveling because it keeps my creativity flowing and my motivation high and is perfect to pursue my secret passion: photography. Beside this I love to free my mind surfing the waves of Indonesia.

Agencies who trust in us.

We are proud to be a trustful partner to a growing number of top agencies.

Brands we work for.

This is a selection of brands we could contribute to.

Brands we shaped.

Companys we helped to launch or relaunch their brand to fit their strategy and orientation.

latest work

This young and independent company in the finance sector is offering funds and wealth management with a very unique philosophy.

Together with the agency Neon we provided a holistic realignment in terms of CI/CD, branding, logo redesign, content strategy, social media consultation and online presence.

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credential showcase incrementum
credential showcase hochschulombudsnetz

This Institution is a country wide network of colleges, universities and private schools cooparting with international Networks like ENOHE and ENRIO which coordinates and organizes common conferences.

In cooparation with the agency Neon we undertook a small but clean web appearance relaunch, including a new CI/CD and logo design.

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NIVEA Fairytales

This international NIVEA Campaign , rolled out in more than 50 countries is full of animated storys and games targeting parents who can read out interactive stories to their pre-school children.

As employee at mmcagentur I had the technical lead for this Web-App for more than 2 years and was responsible for the animation concept and the majority of the development in general.

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credential showcase nivea tales
credential showcase wienenergie

Wien Energie Pfitschigogerl App

This single and multiplayer game is a digitalization of the classic game named "Pfitschigogerl" as a soccer version, including several settings and a ranking system.

On behalf of the agency crossconnect we were part of the development-team. Build in Unity3D and distributed for Android, iOS and even as a Facebook Web-App.



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